Xtorm keeps you charged

Stylish. Compact. Powerful. Practical.  We tested the new Xtorm Power Banks Essential 12.000 and the Elegant 5.000.

The Essential carries enough energy to fully charge two devices at once. The 3A output means charging is fast, additionally there is USB-C connection. This is perfect for recharging the latest MacBooks.

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Power Bank 12.000

The Elegant 5.000 is housed in a flat chic Champagne Case. It is the perfect device for charging your phone 2.5 times with the USB/AC outputs. As a recharger accessory the Elegant comes in handy because it fits comfortably in your bag, briefcase or pocket.


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Power Bank 5000

The 12.000 and 5.000 are convenient for using away from home either on a holiday or just sitting in a local cafe.

For more information go to: www.xtorm.com