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  • CES 21 from Las Vegas

    CES 21 opened ysterday. The Las Vegas based tech show went low key under the circumstances. Nevertheless, many brands debuted some curious devices. Devices that peaked my curiosity. LG and TCL Rollable Smartphones Lenovo AR glasses for conferences Dycaco Fitness Device Roboruck Vaccum Stay Tuned for complete coverage. I am waiting for brand press releases. […]

  • Apple Lost its Groove

    A Cult  Steven Jobs became a religious like figure in the world of tech. Credited with changing the way consumers view technology. His imprint on modern culture has been written. Introducing products that changed the way humans interact with each other. With every new gadget release legions of followers waited outside in rain, sleet, snow, […]

  • Dreaming of Tech Silk

    The Age of Wearable Technology is upon us. REALLY?!   Wearable Technology, also known as wearables and wearable tech, is a mobile, non-stationary computing device fitted for the body providing communication, interaction, and information to the user. The two main categories of wearables are smartwatches and smart clothing. Wearable technology will affect our appearance as […]

  • Xtorm keeps you charged

    Stylish. Compact. Powerful. Practical. ¬†We tested the new Xtorm Power Banks Essential 12.000 and the Elegant 5.000. The Essential carries enough energy to fully charge two devices at once. The 3A output means charging is fast, additionally there is USB-C connection. This is perfect for recharging the latest MacBooks. The Elegant 5.000 is housed in […]