Tech Review

What did Steve think of the affordable Monolith Headphones? 

The Monolith Headsets kit on display. 

First, the Monolith M300 Planar Headphone set is sumptuously packaged in a deluxe black box that slides out to reveal a leather case with Velcro closure containing a heavy duty plastic headphone with long nylon cable, and metal adaptor. There are also different size plastic ear hooks included which offer adaptability to the user. However, they’re not so flexible.  The pieces have a sense of breaking easily which could lead to the trouble of finding more durable replacements. Also included are no less than four sets of ear plugs for added comfort. Overall, the aesthetic is not exactly state of the art. Instead going more for endurance against wear and tear (despite the ear hooks) as opposed to a trend-setting look. The latter could have been easily achieved, perhaps Monolith is looking for an alternative appeal in the market. 

The sound performance, ultimately the most important aspect, is where the M300 Planar is at its most competitive. Whether it is on the Laptop, Smart Phone or Amplifier.  There is a definitively balanced, detailed and spacious stereo soundscape clarity which elevates it to the level of a practical choice at mid-price level and should ensure customer satisfaction. Compared to other headphones in its price range there is a conspicuously louder and more balanced sound, layered in its frequency while very harmonious on the ear. Overall, if its sound first and foremost the user is looking for, then the M300 Planar does well against its competitors.

Where the headsets falter is the heavy black nylon cable with bolt-like adaptor.  This is reminiscent of an old electric guitar lead.  It might not be everyone’s choice, particularly to youth buyers.

By Steven Yates is a Black and Paper contributor.