Tech Coming Soon

Technology Preview 

The IFA Innovation Media Briefing 2019 showed the world of connectivity  is expanding. The emphasis was centered on lifestyle. New home appliances with features aimed at making life easier were shown. I was reminded of those 1950’s television commercials showing new microwave ovens to housewives

A.I. or Artificial Intelligence moves forward. But the subject is so large it felt we are seeing pieces not the whole picture. The moral implications as well as social aspects were examined.  

5G roll out continues from carriers.  

My Highlights:

How Dependable is the door? 

Korean brand LG launched a new washer machine with the meaning “durable” as the center piece. (See Video) After seeing the demonstration I can say, “That is Durable”. A second piece of added technology is the steam function, making clothing less wrinkled after washing.

Philips Fryer 

The Philips Fryer evolves. A counter top cooking appliance designed for preparing all types of foods.

Chinese appliance maker Hisense has moved upscale with new kitchen looks with smooth rich surfaces.  

MediSana Robot 
R2D2 has arrived.

The Medisana droid is the Star Wars is here now moment. A robot with multiple cameras, screen, and self movement made for senior care monitoring. Soon, R2D2 will soon be a household appliance.

WMF Fondue Grill

Small appliance goods producer WMF introduced a few  products for relaxing. A herbal pot with light, a wine chiller, and a table top fondue set for 8.

Tech giant Samsung is rolling out Bixby. A smart-home voice service challenge to Google Assistant and Alexa. 

Karcher Steamer

I hate moping floors. The Karcher floor steamer maybe my life saver. The brand still produces in it’s home country, Germany.

The Inside Info 

The side conversations at IMB were interesting. They are opportunities for learning inside information and getting real opinions.  

Google Assistant and Amazon now dominate the home leaving Microsoft and Apple in the dust.

Will American technology dominate in the future in the face of Trade Wars?

I was a bit surprised by the lack of mobile phone technology this year.

Stay Tuned for full coverage of IFA 2019 starting September 6th.  We will have the latest news and trends.