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  • Tech Coming Soon

    Tech Coming Soon

    Technology Preview  The IFA Innovation Media Briefing 2019 showed the world of connectivity  is expanding. The emphasis was centered on lifestyle. New home appliances with features aimed at making life easier were shown. I was reminded of those 1950’s television commercials showing new microwave ovens to housewives A.I. or Artificial Intelligence moves forward. But the […]

  • The Philips Connected Blender Final

  • Philips Connected Blender Part 4

    So many features, this is not your typical blender.  Stay tuned for the the final.

  • Part 3 of Philips Connected Blender

  • Tech and Health Gadget

    Getting in shape for summer 2017, it is all about eating healthy, 60% diet, and 40% workout.  Incorporating a smoothie diet in a workout and meal regimen is a good basis for solid results while lowering caloric intake while offering safe dosage of vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.   If you are going start a Smoothie […]

  • Roll or Fold

    Roll or Fold

    Do you fold or do you roll for a trip?  One of the main concerns for men packing for travel is how minimalize wrinkles.   Philips has solved this problem with a convenient device Steam&Go 2 in 1 Handheld Garment Steamer.  Compact, able to fit into a carry on or a 48 hour bag, the Steamer […]

  • In the Details!

    In the Details!

    A tell-tale characteristic of a stylish man, whether in formal or casual clothing, is the state of his clothing defined by subtle details. A shirt should be crisp, never sloppy.     Stylishly, comfortable, and low key without a wrinkle.   The Philips Steam&Go 2-in-1 Handheld garment steamer is perfect for touch ups and difficult […]

  • Philips presents IMPECCABLE!

    Philips presents IMPECCABLE!

    For the modern man dressing well has become a part of life.   His style is a way to be recognized without saying much, flaunting his status in a visual way. SUCCESS! Dressing for success starts before putting on the clothes.   ALLURE!  The Styling Grail Rules for wearing a White Shirt are: It has to […]

  • IFA


      IFA16 Highlights Bang and Olufsen Futuristic minimalism in the shape of a cone from Bang and Olufsen, always known for superior sound quality, the brand played to its strength by introducing two wireless 360 degree speaker designs, the small BeoSound 1 and larger BeoSound 2.  Both are rechargeable with a battery life of 16 […]

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