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  • More from IFA 2023

    More from IFA 2023

    More of our picks from IFA 2023.



    I saw Bob at IFA 2020. A cute, small and stylish mini dishwasher, the perfect counter top appliance for cramped quarters. Bob is now available in stores.

  • Tech Coming Soon

    Tech Coming Soon

    Technology Preview  The IFA Innovation Media Briefing 2019 showed the world of connectivity  is expanding. The emphasis was centered on lifestyle. New home appliances with features aimed at making life easier were shown. I was reminded of those 1950’s television commercials showing new microwave ovens to housewives A.I. or Artificial Intelligence moves forward. But the […]

  • IFA 2018 Continues

    IFA 2018 coverage sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung  IFA 2018 was not all about the glamour tech of smart phones or pc’s.  There was also a lot on offer for new devices that do not get the attention but are just as innovative.  Check out these 3 stories.

  • IFA 2018 for the HOME

    IFA 2018 for the HOME

    IFA 2018 coverage sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung 

  • CES

    Themes from CES 2016 There were drones of all kind in every shape and size.   A  drone able to carry people in the air like the futuristic cars from the animated cartoon The Jetsons. There will be OLED screens for laptops meaning imaging quality will get improved. OLED allows each pixel to emit its […]

  • IFA2015 Highlights

    There were many highlights from IFA 2015 from smartwatches to smart appliances. The overall theme was connecting not just digitally but also emotionally. Whereas in the past devices were cold and impersonal today they represent our personalities. Our criteria’s were based on design or aesthetic that caught our attention.   We wanted the gadget to look good. […]