Themes from CES 2016

There were drones of all kind in every shape and size.   A  drone able to carry people in the air like the futuristic cars from the animated cartoon The Jetsons.

There will be OLED screens for laptops meaning imaging quality will get improved. OLED allows each pixel to emit its own light making a superior display contrast for better imaging.

Wearables are the rage in the tech world in the forms of health bands and watches from a number of brands introducing devices with abilities ranging from measuring heart rates to message notifications.

Smart appliances that will help you cook; washing machines with dual chambers, Wi-Fi kettles for coffee on demand, and motion activated home greeters are coming to the home in 2016.

Virtual Reality is the future. Presently, the VR equipment is expensive but I expect prices to drop in the medium to longer future as well there are apps and content being developed for the platform.