My Parrot Experiences

Parrot Bebop Drone

BEBOP_DRONE_2_Packshot_RED_front_01_copieWe had a good time testing our first drone, The Bebop Drone by taking baby steps. Nothing too fancy or daring only a run in our local parks.   It is easy to operate by downloading the app to a smartphone then connecting to the device with WIFI.  Maneuverable with 4 three blade propellers enables a top horizontal speed of 37mph.  The drone also has a fish eye -vertical stabilizing camera lens in front capable of live streaming. On a fully charged lithium battery the flight time can be 25 minutes.

The Bebop control interface is simple to use on screen, just a tilt to direct the movement of the drone or touch the button to bring it down safely.

Being the first time using a drone we decided not to push it to the limits but only do the basic ups and downs.  Conclusion: A cool device, people noticed.  It is for kid in us who liked electric trains.

Images Part 1 & 2

Parrot Zik 3


Soft croc leather headphones, stylish, hi tech with sharp, brilliant sound, the Parrot Zik 3 headsets is collaboration between the brand and designer Philippe Starck.  Offering many elements from touch sensitive controls on the ear pieces, noise cancellation, with a replaceable battery this is the most advanced headset I have used.  Comfortable over the ears fit, wireless, mean a premium listening experience.   I went into my own world, the headphones do all the work by adjusting based on the noise levels in the surrounding environment.

The design aspects attracted me to the brand a distinctive look that looked high quality, sleek without the  overt branding of other headphones.  The devices design style is the brand, making it more individualistic tech piece.

Downloadable App for smartphones for the control panel is available.  Using the app allows the user to monitor sound levels and other features.   Wireless with an optional cord for connecting to a device, a rechargeable battery Li-lon are included.

Recommendation: Yes, these headphones are worth the price if you are looking for best of the best.

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