Moth Balled, Nowhere to Go

Black and Paper covers travel features. We were saddened by the cancellation the ITB a few weeks ago.  The tourism industry affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.The impact lasting for many seasons to come.  

The airline industry will not be the same.   Today IATA announced airlines will lose a combined $252 billion this year, revised from an earlier estimate of $115 billion.  As carriers ground fleets indefinitely,  many will go bankrupt.  

I wanted to see the damage for myself.  Travelling to the BER Airport I photographed Moth Balled planes on the tarmac from EasyJet, Ryanair, and Lufthansa.   The jobs lost, an industry crashing to the ground. I felt despair.  


However,  I think this should be a time of reflection for airlines.  Many treat customers as a necessary inconvenience.   Customer service and the travel experience have the feel of a cattle drive.  Round Them Up!  Let’s have optimism out of this crisis some positive changes occur in the future.