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  • Lufthansa vs Ryanair

    Lufthansa vs Ryanair

    The difference is REAL! Lufthansa and Ryanair are completely different flying experiences. You pay a low fare to get to a destination. One is basically a cattle wagon while the other has a customer service dimension. Don’t complain, sit back and tolerate what paying pennies can buy. I took a flight to Milan on Ryanair. […]

  • Not So Outrageous Now,,

    I received a press release of the product ViraShield by tech start up Pictar. If I had gotten this mail 18 months ago I would have laughed. Or thought to myself, “an EasyJet Safety Bag”. For those moments during budget traveling when you need to have a tight happy zone. Outrageous! 2020 has made me […]

  • Travel Longing,,,

    I was looking over vintage airline posters longing. Back in the old days traveling was alluring, fun, easy, a bit of glam.  .  As vacation season starts in the New Normal, the surreal sensation stays with me. I have been planning on another staycation.  The thought of getting on a plane in the near future […]

  • Moth Balled, Nowhere to Go

    Black and Paper covers travel features. We were saddened by the cancellation the ITB a few weeks ago.  The tourism industry affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.The impact lasting for many seasons to come.   The airline industry will not be the same.   Today IATA announced airlines will lose a combined $252 billion this year, […]

  • Inspired Travel

    Clipper Inspired is a media project covering travel. I was inspired by two things: vintage travel posters to locations such as: Rio, Hong Kong, and Paris. Clippers were Pan Am flights to different destinations around the world, a feeling of adventure combined with the experience of getting there. The second inspiration came in the form an […]