Travel Longing,,,

I was looking over vintage airline posters longing. Back in the old days traveling was alluring, fun, easy, a bit of glam. 

.  As vacation season starts in the New Normal, the surreal sensation stays with me. I have been planning on another staycation.  The thought of getting on a plane in the near future makes me a bit nervous. The same felling as going to a dentist appointment.   Back in the say heading to the airport meant embarking  a new exciting adventure. Even before 2020, the travel experience got stressful. Now, more time for checking in and screenings, face masks.  How do you social distance in a terminal? Boarding an airplane? Taking an overcrowded train to the city centre? Travelling has become, if you can believe it, more complicated.  My holiday involves a car drive within a few hours of where I live. 

Stay safe wherever you go this summer.