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  • Confusion

    What are the rules for traveling with a carry on luggage? “Confusion” is the word that comes to mind. Size limits on different carriers, hidden fees during check in mean more travel stress. There is a sign of hope. The EU could enforce rules on airlines regarding hand luggage fees.

  • PISA is Real

    PISA is Real

    I will tell you all about it.

  • The GENE kicked in.

    If you happen to be along the Almafi Coast in Italy head to Salerno for a bit of menswear shopping. Walking on the Via Mercanti in the old city I saw Ferlazzo Giuseppe store with a sign posted of 50% off. My “SALE GENE” kicked in. The two floor store carries some stylish Neapolitan pieces.

  • Salerno On Tap

    More to come on the undedapprecicated Amalfi city. I had a two day then loved the coastal resort.

  • Travel Size?

    Travel Size?

    I have no clue what size luggage fits on a plane now. As we know the discount airlines are like vultures looking for ways to charge fees. Basically on Ryanair, anything bigger than a toothbrush case will cost an extra 30 euros. This should be interesting.

  • Not So Outrageous Now,,

    I received a press release of the product ViraShield by tech start up Pictar. If I had gotten this mail 18 months ago I would have laughed. Or thought to myself, “an EasyJet Safety Bag”. For those moments during budget traveling when you need to have a tight happy zone. Outrageous! 2020 has made me […]

  • Moth Balled, Nowhere to Go

    Black and Paper covers travel features. We were saddened by the cancellation the ITB a few weeks ago.  The tourism industry affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.The impact lasting for many seasons to come.   The airline industry will not be the same.   Today IATA announced airlines will lose a combined $252 billion this year, […]

  • My Berlin to Munich Trip

    I took a business trip to Munich on the Deutsche Bahn recently. Booking a first class ticket with a reserved seat to the Bavarian city is a must. Once,,,, I made the mistake of taking D Bahn without reserving a a seat. No Thank You! “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame […]

  • Prague, The Over Toured, The Good.

    The first time I visited Prague in 1997, it was a city still waking up from years of Communist rule. I managed to cross The Charles Bridge many times both day and night. Walking up to the Prague Castle to get pictures standing overlooking the River was easy. My first day I met locals who showed me […]

  • Prague, Just Look Up!

    Prague is a walking city. Along the shores of the Vltava River, the Czech Capital buildings go from Dark Gothic to Minimal Modernist to Ornate Art Nouveau.   While I did not recognize a masterplan.  Admittedly, I am a laymen when it comes to architecture, the eclectic harmony is visually pleasing.   On every street, […]