My Berlin to Munich Trip

I took a business trip to Munich on the Deutsche Bahn recently. Booking a first class ticket with a reserved seat to the Bavarian city is a must. Once,,,, I made the mistake of taking D Bahn without reserving a a seat. No Thank You! “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me!”

Reliable not Spectacular 

The challenge of buying a bargain ticket on Germany train is same as guessing the winning numbers of a lottery ticket. Sometimes it is cheaper to go first class than second class. YES! It all depends on destination and luck. I had a bit of luck on this travel.

My first class ticket only costs 50 euros round trip plus an additional 10 euros to reserve a seat. I got a ICE normal fast service from main station Berlin to Munich in 5 hours. The new fast express service takes 4 hours. With this, the air line travel has become needles. Especially with the Munich airport being one hour away from the city center. Trust me, this is fastest way to go between these two cities.

The Deutsche Bahn Service, First Class is above average, nothing spectacular but reliable. First class car is made up of leather seats three across. In comparison, second class is 4 seats across.

I had a table for working and spacious leg room. The Internet connection proved smooth, easy to log in with few interruptions on the travel. I saw the ticket conductor once. Then a coach stewart came to ask me if I wanted something from the cafeteria car. I got a juice for 2.80 euros. Suddenly, in the middle of traveling, the stewart came back offering complimentary small chocolate bars.

Center to Center 

The trains makes several stops on the way to Munich. On some past travels I had to change trains in Nuremberg before completing the last part of the journey.

I arrived in the center of Munich 4 minutes late. Not bad. I had a smooth journey, felt relaxed, walked straight to my meeting only 10 minutes away from the central station.

If you plan to travel on Deutsche Bahn, book in advance and look at all the options for the best fare.