Men Have 2

In nature, Sexual Cannibalism involves the female devouring male during or after mating. Why many species gleefully go their death is a great mystery. The highest species on Earth is a bit the same. Why do men risk it all for moment of pleasure and a few ounces of fluid? Love for a moment is usually at the top or near the top of the agenda. Men have affairs. Deal with It! Eyes wide open means not being surprised.

Why do male partners stray? For the same reason the sun comes up in the morning. Life happens! For men, they tend to put relationships in different categories.

There is one for long term reassurance. Then there is the one or more for sexual fun. Sadly, reconciling these two categories into one person is the same as winning the lottery 2 times in a week.

The “nesting” category is usually simple. A type the family and friends would approve. All looks good on the surface.  

The sexual fun category varies but can be more stable and more varied for different reasons.  The expectations change. Many guys stay with the sex partner longer than they stay with the nesting partner. The truth hurts! It may not make sense in the brain but it feels good on the head.  

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