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  • Sexual Healing Technology

    Sexual Healing Technology

    I had an online interview with Mystery Vibe’s Soumyadip Rakshit about his Sexual Health Start Up and technology’s role in relationships.  Does the device make a noise?  Yes! It depends on the settings. There are 16 settings from soft to strong. Is this a dildo or vibrator?  It is a vibrator, additionally, a high tech […]

  • Men Reloaded

    New Episodes Coming Soon  

  • Men Reloaded Podcast Delivery Package

    You never know what the delivery guy is delivery!  In the Lockdown we are ordering online.  What happens if the deliverer is more interesting than what was ordered? This can happen.  What to do? Hello, Customer Service, make sure I get this on a day with a high temperature.   Stay Tuned.

  • Men Reloaded Package Delivery

    A new Podcast Coming Soon-What happens when the guy who delivers packages has a pressing bigger package not in his hand?  Vector from FreePik.

  • Coming Soon-Men Reloaded

    Am I the only person who has a long term friend with benefits partner but,, the name escapes me? Secondly, I recently noticed the color of the eyes. But only after being in a certain position.  A scary realisation!  Stay Tuned for the next Men Reloaded Podcast. 

  • Social Distancing, Not Alone

    Are we a little confused about “Social Distancing”? How does one interact with “new fun friends” in the grip of Coronavirus Pandemic?  I have a  suggestion or two.  Let’s face it.  We are all a bit paranoid. Everyday the headlines read like a science fiction film.  If your fun partner has a cough, should you […]

  • Men Reloaded

    Episode 1 of the new podcast series Men Reloaded. Man Spreading is wrong,, but,.. 

  • Men Reloaded

    I wanted to finish the first Podcast episode today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I had a few glitches. Stay Tuned. 

  • Men Reloaded

    Men taking Blue Pills don’t think! That’s the Problem!  The Black and Paper original podcast coming soon.  Why waste an experience? We turned it into a series.  Stay Tuned for episode #1

  • Men Have 2

    In nature, Sexual Cannibalism involves the female devouring male during or after mating. Why many species gleefully go their death is a great mystery. The highest species on Earth is a bit the same. Why do men risk it all for moment of pleasure and a few ounces of fluid? Love for a moment is […]