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  • Missing Out, WHY?

    I haven’t forgotten Men Reloaded Podcast. New episodes are in the making. After a conversation about heterosexual hook up app with a female friend. Talk about a ritual to meet a member of the opposite sex. I got inspired. Are straight guys missing out? From one view point, “yes”. If only they knew. Stay tuned […]

  • Sexual Healing Technology

    Sexual Healing Technology

    I had an online interview with Mystery Vibe’s Soumyadip Rakshit about his Sexual Health Start Up and technology’s role in relationships.  Does the device make a noise?  Yes! It depends on the settings. There are 16 settings from soft to strong. Is this a dildo or vibrator?  It is a vibrator, additionally, a high tech […]

  • Men Reloaded Package Delivery

    A new Podcast Coming Soon-What happens when the guy who delivers packages has a pressing bigger package not in his hand?  Vector from FreePik.

  • Men Reloaded

    Episode 1 of the new podcast series Men Reloaded. Man Spreading is wrong,, but,.. 

  • Men Reloaded

    I wanted to finish the first Podcast episode today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I had a few glitches. Stay Tuned. 

  • Men Reloaded

    Men taking Blue Pills don’t think! That’s the Problem!  The Black and Paper original podcast coming soon.  Why waste an experience? We turned it into a series.  Stay Tuned for episode #1

  • Men Have 2

    In nature, Sexual Cannibalism involves the female devouring male during or after mating. Why many species gleefully go their death is a great mystery. The highest species on Earth is a bit the same. Why do men risk it all for moment of pleasure and a few ounces of fluid? Love for a moment is […]

  • Episode 1 How Much?

    Imagine the shock when a man tells you he has to invest in a date with the opposite sex.  I had to assume their was a high return on investment.  No  wonder heterosexual men wear cheap shoes!   Sponsored by Beyerdynamic

  • Podcast REAL!

    Podcast REAL!

    Black and Paper PODCAST coming soon covering all the topics we love from fashion to relationships to travel.