• Chat Cinema on Consequences

    Chat Cinema on Consequences

    This episode of Chat Cinema talks to filmmakers Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping on their BAFTA nominated film FEMME.

  • CSD Berlin 2021

    CSD Berlin 2021

    A strange Christopher Street Day Berlin for 2021. How do you celebrate a festival during Covid?

  • EAT, ME and Paris

    Why should Lily Collin have all the fun? Get ready for my stories from Paris.

  • Men Reloaded

    New Episodes Coming Soon  

  • Tech August

    Every August I feature the latest gadgets.  Devices I like or want to have. This year is no different.  I am going out on a limb here.  Mystery Vibe deliver simple or high tech pleasure.  Stay Tuned for the story.  Mystery Vibe Sex Toy 

  • Men Reloaded Package Delivery

    A new Podcast Coming Soon-What happens when the guy who delivers packages has a pressing bigger package not in his hand?  Vector from FreePik.

  • Coming Soon-Men Reloaded

    Am I the only person who has a long term friend with benefits partner but,, the name escapes me? Secondly, I recently noticed the color of the eyes. But only after being in a certain position.  A scary realisation!  Stay Tuned for the next Men Reloaded Podcast. 

  • Again, The Second Time

    While the Coronavirus is a frightening I am not uncertain about the tactics being used. The media has a great story right out of the bestselling. A deadly virus that could wipe out the world. Panic filled shoppers stripping stores. It gets clicks. Ratings are up on all the New Channels.  Verified  My question is […]

  • Men Reloaded

    Episode 1 of the new podcast series Men Reloaded. Man Spreading is wrong,, but,.. 

  • Men Reloaded

    I wanted to finish the first Podcast episode today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I had a few glitches. Stay Tuned.