Again, The Second Time

While the Coronavirus is a frightening I am not uncertain about the tactics being used. The media has a great story right out of the bestselling. A deadly virus that could wipe out the world. Panic filled shoppers stripping stores. It gets clicks. Ratings are up on all the New Channels. 


My question is why are Western Governments so keen to adapt China Communist Party Methods for combating the virus. Beijing “supposedly” had great success fighting the Corvid 19. Who verifies this success? Not exactly the most transparent organization on the planet. And please consider this group mishandled the original outbreak. The World Health Organization? Not too assured by their “Kiss The Ring Dealings” with the CCP.  Information concerning the virus was slap shot.

On our Global leaders. Trump is silly with an oversized self serving ego. His response to the Pandemic could be viewed comical if the consequences could not become tragic. Equally, the EU missed the curve, drove into the ditch. As Berlin prepares for lockdown, I think, How did it come to this? European State leader had a heads up in December. China ended the year suffering from another heath crisis that had the potential to break out. Macron, Merkel, and Johnson, sat on their hands. My German friends praise “Mother”. Had “Mother” closed the borders, or at least taken precautions in January we would not be preparing to go in Full Lockdown. Her cherished Schengen Freedom of Movement has brought Europe to a crippling halt.

I have Seen This Before

For me, this is the second outbreak, having lived through the early years of HIV coming over the LGTB Community. I witnessed lives lost in the madness. A lot of misinformation on transmissions. Who go it? Disappearances. Gay men quarantined in hospitals. Life was under sieged. This is worse, because it’s a bigger scale not because of the health hazard. AIDS was a death sentence in the 80”s and 90’s. Institutions marginalized gays. Whispering behind the back, common place discrimination. If a person looked too thin, he was thought to be positive. Life was not a Donna Summer song.

As governments continue to tie down whole societies, I begin to wonder how far this will go. Separate and divide is the key to defeating the new enemy. Keep in mind this strategy comes from the group who allowed the Coronavirus to gain a foothold. Don’t be fooled, politics, as it did in the 80’s, is playing a decisive role in health policy.


As the new virus has taken hold I remind those who think this will go away soon. Life will return to normal. My response, “HIV has been around for a generation.”  Paranoia is the new normal, “Distancing”. The present state is the same, even copying movements and gestures. Walk on the side walk, interact with fellow walkers, in the current environment, people avoid eye contact. Everyone assumes Guilt first. I witnessed entire neighborhoods decimated by the so called “Gay Virus”. The new “Super Spreader” term comes from the AIDS Epidemic. In my college town there were rumors of spreaders in the gay scene who unknowingly infected their sexual partners Many young people died.  These days bring back memories.

What will unfold in the future? Hope also came out of Pandora’s Box.

At the time I wrote this Angela Merkel had a Corvid 19 Test. Thankfully, it returned negative.