London Fashion Week Men

London Fashion Week Men has kicked off to a start that can be described as “creative.”  Of the all fashion centers, the British capital has always been a step in the direction of quirky.    Designers are more inclined to step out of comfort zones.  The availability of fresh creative talent in the city means there is a futile ground for something fresh or even strange in the design department.

Black and Paper Highlights:

Katie Eary’s “Night at the Playboy Mansion” Pajama Llooks are perfect for the man who wants a bit of Noel Coward sophistication.

Craig Green’s flowing colors and carpets seemed like uniforms from Star Trek.

Top Man’s collection is not handsome but fun.

Christopher Shannon’s collection of melded pieces is ready for the night at an urban club.

Casely Hayford are using on long geometric shapes

Matther Miller’s collection focused on black and more black for the intimidating man of town.

Oliver Spencer proves you can have understated wear that stands out in a crowd.

Cottweiler looks are for guys you date but do not take home to mother until get to rally know him.

J.W. Anderson’s heavy looks of patches and knitwear are down to earth if not folksy