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  • Yoshiki on Fashion

    Yoshiki had a presentation at Paris Fashion Week. The musician showed his 2024 collection of kimonos and other pieces. What does the musician think of fashion?

  • What Goes Into Making An Amazing Hat

    What Goes Into Making An Amazing Hat

    The second part of the Before Tacky Podcast with Borsalino Head of Styling Jacopo Politi and Actress Eugenia Kuzmina talk about the Headwear design and what goes into making an amazing hat.

  • Bondage and Social

    It had to happen sooner or later. Trying to be relevant at the time being edgy, the silk threads will hit the fan. Balenciaga, the French Fashion House learned the hard way. The Bondage Teddy Doll Toddler campaign crashed the same as if a German Leader singing Beyonce at a karaoke bar. The fall out […]

  • Musical Chair at Gucci

    Musical Chair at Gucci

    I need a crystal ball to keep up with the creative head resignations, musical chairs. The shocking news of designer Alessandro Michele departing Gucci reverberated through the fashion industry. Since 2015 the Rome born head was front of the center of the brand. Michele has been the Crown Prince of Modern Bling with collections primed […]

  • Fashion Week 2022

    The Big Fashion Week Season closed. My quick first impressions are optimism, moving forward form the past years. As the world moves from uncertainty to uncertainty fashion labels turned vivacious for Spring 2023. As usual the start of the calendar kicked off in New York before moving to London, Milan and finally Paris. Instead of […]

  • Miyake 1939-2022

    Famed Japanese designer Issey Miyake passed today. Famed for his distinctive pleats, the fashion head created a house around flowing designs and loose pieces.

  • Tech + Fashion with Burani

    Tech + Fashion with Burani

    From the Milan Fashion Week, Cristiano Burani gave me a personal fashion tour of his latest collection during his presentation. What struck me, the technical materials. The distinctive pieces made use of specialised fabrics, while remaining fitted for the figure.


    I met fashion designer Chet Lo in Milan at the White Trade show. His futuristic eye catching textile designs got my immediate attention. In a white chromatic room, how could the polychromas pastels and fuchsia pieces not grab attention? I chatted with Chet about his unique looks. The London based designer is now involved in […]



    In February 2022 I while going to another appointment during Milan Fashion Week, I strolled by the Miss Shoe presentation sponsored by Dolce & Gabanna. Not understanding to expect or even sure if I could enter due to Covid restrictions. I decided to take a chance. Luckily, the staff let me pass. The best surprises […]

  • Thierry 2022

    Legendary fashion designer Theirry Mugler passed. A visionary known for the cinched waist, broad shoulders and theatrics, Mugler was never boring. As a child of the 90’s, I remember his designs on celebrities and in music videos including George Michael’s “Too Funky”. For those who grew up in the social media era, Kim Kardashian’s 2019 […]