I met fashion designer Chet Lo in Milan at the White Trade show. His futuristic eye catching textile designs got my immediate attention. In a white chromatic room, how could the polychromas pastels and fuchsia pieces not grab attention? I chatted with Chet about his unique looks.

The London based designer is now involved in a copycat scandal with a global fashion chain. H&M has been accused of intellectual property impropriety. Diet Prada and Daily Mail reported the Swedish chain’s new “conscious” Innovation Cherish Waste Collection is an imitation of the Asian American’s pieces. The similarities are quite noticeable. What should we think? After looking over the pieces from both sides, well,,, the finger pointers have a valid argument. H&M denies the plagiarism allegations.

I have a feeling this fashion drama is not over.

Chet Lo collection at White in Milan during Fashion Week.