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  • More from Milan

    More from Milan

    Here are more looks from Milan Fashion Week.

  • Yoshiki Presents

    Yoshiki Presents

    Japanese artist Yoshiki presented his latest collection at Milan Fashion Week. Stay tuned for our coverage. Pics by Pietro Dapfano

  • Soft Luxury Fashion Wink

    Soft Luxury Fashion Wink

    Luxury fashion buyers are forsaking flash for quiet luxury. I call this trend “the wink cause we know the cost of a piece.” Brunello Cucinelli continues to reap the benefits of the consumer shift to luxurious quality. According to business site Bloomberg, the Corciano, Italy based fashion house upgraded its sales forecasts after outpacing Gucci […]


    I met fashion designer Chet Lo in Milan at the White Trade show. His futuristic eye catching textile designs got my immediate attention. In a white chromatic room, how could the polychromas pastels and fuchsia pieces not grab attention? I chatted with Chet about his unique looks. The London based designer is now involved in […]

  • MFW is Back, Sort of

    Milan Fashion Week was physical this past February. What did we think?

  • MFW Coming Soon

    MFW Coming Soon

    I have not forgotten Milan Fashion Week. I’m watching the new collections. Stay tuned for all the coverage.

  • Before Tacky on MFW 21

    The Before Tacky podcast discusses the virtual Milan Fashion Week for Fall 21. What did we think? What are the upcoming trends? Who designed the sexiest looks? Click Below for Part 1.

  • Milan MFWM Fall 21

    Milan MFWM Fall 21

    Milan Fashion kicked off in the virtual mode this season. We the world under some form of lockdown, buyers and press are unable to travel. The Italian fashion capital put its best foot forward but going direct to the point. Filming closed runway shows instead of Calvin Klein Commercials. I want to say “Thank You”.  […]

  • Go Girl

    Go Girl

    I met Flora Cusi during Milan Fashion Week in September 19. The young bag designer debuted her new bag collection and brand, Yosono, to press and buyers. Engaging with new designers is always exciting because of the enthusiasm. Lastly, the chance to watch the person grow is rewarding.  I hope she makes it.   I […]

  • Quick Milan Impressions

    When I arrived in Milan at the Malpensa Airport terminal I did not expect a scene from the “X-Files”. Global headlines have caught up to me. From head to toe wearing Hazmats, health officials were testing for the Coronavirus with digital thermometers. Welcome to Fashion Week. The week got even more interesting. My journey on […]