Quick Milan Impressions

When I arrived in Milan at the Malpensa Airport terminal I did not expect a scene from the “X-Files”. Global headlines have caught up to me. From head to toe wearing Hazmats, health officials were testing for the Coronavirus with digital thermometers. Welcome to Fashion Week. The week got even more interesting. My journey on the subway and trams. I suspected something was off when I got a seat on the subway. Sadly, the last two days of the fashion, the feeling became grim. Trade-fare visitors were sparse. Many exhibitors seemed more rejected lonely hearts club guests. 

On the 23rdall Milan Fashion Week events were cancelled due to an outbreak north of Milan.

Fast Highlights 1

On Via Manzoni, Antonio Croce presented a collection based on the Southern California Sunset. What inspiration! I loved the strong sensuality. Sun drenched coats and suits and print coats filled the space.

When a fashion show opens up with the Italian Version of Lou Reed’s 1973 classic song “Walk on the Wild Side”. I should count on 70′ interpretations. I am a fan of Bea Arthur’s sitcom “Maude”. Her Finley character wore floor length vests. Cividini had a look in his collection inspired by this decade staple piece.

I do not associate Kiton with strong women’s looks. It is a brand known for suits and classic wears. The brand’s new bag has a BIG K on the opening clasp. A comment I heard, “Those who buy Kiton may not like such blatant monogramming items designed for social media. The sales will see. But there was one look I really liked for a Red Carpet styling, a two piece white pleated dress with sleeveless top.

A come back kid in the making could be Untied Colors of Benetton. The once household RTW brand has been knocked about over many years. With Jean Charles Castelbajac at the creative helm it looks there are some better more social media smart moves happening.

For sheer impressive theater, Fratelli Rossetti really went out the way to give an extra mile. At the Visconti Palace with models dressed in white on stage and trampolines with an added Piano Concert. PS, I want a pair of the embroided Brea shoes.

Stay Tuned for more coverage on Milan Fashion Week.