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  • Before Tacky on MFW

    What is our option on Milan Fashion Week 2021. Stay tuned, the fashion panel on Beyond Tacky gives its opinion and breakdown.

  • Milan Fashion Week Views

    I got a bit behind schedule. Of course I am paying attention to Milan Fashion Week. Sadly, we decided to skip the event this season because of Covid. Notheless, thanks to the digital platform we have been able to see the latest collections. Stay Tuned for full reports.

  • Yes, It’s Real

    The diversity question is first and forefront in the fashion business. Triggered by global protests, a reckoning is taking place.  Are fashion environments racists?  An industry in need of different voices, falling short when it comes to inclusion, fashion is an elitist field until recently only for the few living on 5th avenue in New […]

  • Only 30 Days

    The classic Aesop Fable of “The Ant and The Grasshopper” is about being prepared while the other played. Looking over the recent headlines, many have lived with the mentality of the Grasshopper. A complete lack of long term preparation for the winter. After only 30 days in lockdown many companies and brands have run out […]

  • #Milano Never Stops

    Italy is reeling from the Coronavirus outbreak. As fate would have it, I was in the country at the time. The Lombardy capital, Milan, went under lockdown. Suddenly a feeling of panic overcame Fashion Week. A deep sense of unease rippled through out the metropolis. All went silent. Milanese stayed indoors. The bustle stopped.   […]

  • Quick Milan Impressions

    When I arrived in Milan at the Malpensa Airport terminal I did not expect a scene from the “X-Files”. Global headlines have caught up to me. From head to toe wearing Hazmats, health officials were testing for the Coronavirus with digital thermometers. Welcome to Fashion Week. The week got even more interesting. My journey on […]

  • Milan Fashion Week Preview

    Milan Fashion Week to say the least was different.  Global headlines have affected the bi-annual event.  But it did not stop the creativity.  Stay Tuned for our coverage.

  • Milan Fashion Week 2020

    Milan Fashion Week 2020

    Black and Paper prepares for Milan Fashion February 2020.  While we countdown, enjoy a collection of GREAT FACES from previous MFW’s. 

  • Never Enough!

    A person can never have too many shoes in the closet.  At Pitti Uomo, these are a few I would like to see on my rack. 

  • Cividini

     I have successfully worked with Cividini on many occasions. Styling on Red Carpets, casual looks for day wear, I had great success each time.   As far as the collections, quality fabrics, classic looks shinning through.   The wearer does not suffocate under the pieces.   Check out the videos below. The first is from […]