I have successfully worked with Cividini on many occasions. Styling on Red Carpets, casual looks for day wear, I had great success each time.   As far as the collections, quality fabrics, classic looks shinning through.   The wearer does not suffocate under the pieces.  

Check out the videos below. The first is from Florence, the other from Milan. 

I am a fan of Cividini. When I wrote “Conflict of Interest” about the brand I did not want readers to think because I have worked successfully with the team they influence my opinion of the looks. No! The pieces fit my style and what I would recommend. When it comes to dressing I lean to to understated side. Let the clothes speak. People who are in the know, know quality.  There is no need for over the top monograms or labels. When I wore Cividini pieces in Paris, I got compliments.  That is what I like.

In the Age when Influencers are paid for endorsements. I try to be authenticate.