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  • At Pitti Uomo, Suave

    At Pitti Uomo, Suave

    Pitti Uomo in Florence is the vent to look suave. Everyone dresses to impress for the pageant for the menswear gathering.

  • Did anyone say “PEACOCK”?

    Did anyone say “PEACOCK”?

    Pitti Uomo January 2023 was all about the menswear but not only on the display racks. A living fashion show goes on around the events with many of “Peacocks” on display in their best threads. Getting a pose for the camera,the always willing.

  • Before Tacky on MFWM

    Before Tacky on MFWM

    The first episode of Before Tacky covers opinions on Milan Fashion Week Men. The scene was different this year. The shows went virtual in 2021.

  • Elegantly Radical

    I asked Bocheron Creative Head Claire Choisne about a new piece from the Contemplation Collection. The statement Arrow Earring Piece struck me as gender free elegance with a tinge of radical from the historic jewellery brand. The Arrow Earpiece, I saw it was worn by a man.  Is this a gender free piece? It was […]

  • Pitti Uomo

    Subdued I enjoy going to Pitti Uomo in Florence in January. It’s working blended in with pleasure. The historical city is romantic, charming, and pleasing to the eye. The best characteristic about Pitti Uomo is the atmosphere. Mens outfits of the day take center stage. Dandy’s dressed up showing off their best looks, always up […]

  • Cividini

     I have successfully worked with Cividini on many occasions. Styling on Red Carpets, casual looks for day wear, I had great success each time.   As far as the collections, quality fabrics, classic looks shinning through.   The wearer does not suffocate under the pieces.   Check out the videos below. The first is from […]

  • What to Wear in August, #2

    What to Wear in August, #2

    In the middle of August you should be wearing these swimwear looks. What better way to make a beach style statement. By wearing handsome designs each with its own characteristics of colors, fabrics, and cuts.    Model-Elia Cometti from Elite Models  Photographer-Ivan Siggillino, Assistant-Simone Toson, Make Up and Hair-Lorena Palmieri   Shot at the Aqualux […]

  • Cifonelli

    During Milan Fashion Week Men John Vizzone gave a quick rundown on his latest collection.

  • London Fashion Week Men

    London Fashion Week Wales Bonner tailored nautical inspired looks are flattering for the slim figured man. Loving the solid colored suits in both black and white. Not so overwhelmed by the Chalayan collection as I found the shapes interesting. The outerwear in with the padded coats and and cloaks caught my eye, definitely for the […]

  • Stay Warm, Look Cool!

    Stay Warm, Look Cool!

    Black and Paper Christmas List Stay Warm, But Look Cool! Luxury outerwear brand Moose Knuckles sets a high bar for jackets and parkas with many details including Duck Down for insulation against the hardest weather conditions. Moose Knuckles is available in fine stores worldwide.