Musical Chair at Gucci

I need a crystal ball to keep up with the creative head resignations, musical chairs.

The shocking news of designer Alessandro Michele departing Gucci reverberated through the fashion industry. Since 2015 the Rome born head was front of the center of the brand. Michele has been the Crown Prince of Modern Bling with collections primed for social media postings. Twenty years ago the Rome born creative director joined the house in the accessory wear division.

It’s hard to believe Gucci parent company Kering letting one of the top moneymakers and high profiled talent who seemed to flourish in the corporate clothing world. Only a few months ago Alessandro staged a star studded runway show on Hollywood Blvd. As with many great designers, Michele understood the theatrics of the business, walking up the stairs of the Met Gala or twins walking down the runway, Gucci was always in papers, magazines and online. Or being tied to the hip to superstars Harry Styles and Jared Leto, the Florence based house seemed to define the moment. But no all was well. In recent hours reports filtered out sales were down in key markets. Is the world tiring of the over the top brocades and ostentatious pieces?

It’s all about the Social

With 49.6 million Instagram followers, Gucci is about sending the style signal of wearing your wealth on your back. Showing off is good. After all part of their buyer fun is the over the top appeal. Advertising to the world, a “Look at Me” attitude. Gender is a relic of the past.

With the exit before the upcoming fashion weeks in January and February, a major fashion house is under the microscope. Who will be the replacement? As a fashion professional, the announcement came as a shock. Can a successor continue on the same path? Doubts are singing in my head. As the world enters an economic downturn, will Gucci tone down? It is hard to imagine.

We have to wait and see what happens at Gucci. CEO Marco Bizzarri will have to move fast concerning a replacement announcement.

Certainly Alessandro Michele’s career is not over, just moving onward.