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  • My Highlights from London

    The United Kingdom is going through a lot. A government just holding its head above water, under siege on all fronts. Like the rest of the world, Covid has taken a toll on the country. Citizens refusing to understand the gravity of the virus. The Brexit drama continues its tortuous walk to an end of […]

  • Halpern Empowerment

    This collection from Fashion Designer Halpern at the London Fashion Week shows the power of imagination merged with function for style.  Using different materials and shapes each look had the theme of female empowerment.    Women who mattered during these times.  This season the house used front line workers as models.  Fabulous!  Stay tuned for […]

  • Episode 1 How Much?

    Imagine the shock when a man tells you he has to invest in a date with the opposite sex.  I had to assume their was a high return on investment.  No  wonder heterosexual men wear cheap shoes!   Sponsored by Beyerdynamic

  • Inspired by Opera

    Inspired by Opera

    I met Rory Hutton in London at Fashion Week Men, a mens accessories designer with a background in illustration. For me, it is always inspiring to meet a person in fashion who is serious about his work, and can have a conversation about the future of his brand, fast forward to a recent email telling […]

  • London Fashion Week Review

    London is about experimenting. as a Global City with far flung reach, the fusion of ideas is a given.  There is no one aesthetic to describe the scene, styles ranges from classic to apocalyptic. This year the initiative is POSITIVE FASHION STRATERGY based on Sustainability, Equality and Diversity, Craftsmanship and Community. On a strange note: […]

  • Not Just Eye Candy!

    Not Just Eye Candy!

    Can a model speak? The answer is YES!They are more than just attractive faces attached to lean physiques. We interviewed one of these handsome men to prove there is more than eye candy to guys who make menswear clothing look good at Fashion Week.  Stay tuned here. Powered by Canon Camera.

  • London Fashion Week Men

    London Fashion Week Wales Bonner tailored nautical inspired looks are flattering for the slim figured man. Loving the solid colored suits in both black and white. Not so overwhelmed by the Chalayan collection as I found the shapes interesting. The outerwear in with the padded coats and and cloaks caught my eye, definitely for the […]

  • London Looks

    London Looks

    London Fashion Week Men A creative capital that is once again remaking itself in the Brexit Age is still a force in streetwear judging by the initial looks from Mensweek. London is a city where fashion designers are never afraid to take a risk, ripping up the script then doing it differently. Oliver Spencer’s interpretation […]

  • Bundle up in Lux

    Bundle up in Lux

    During London Fashion Week Men’s we met  Nadja Solovieva, the creative director of luxury scarf brand Vassilisa based in London’s Knightsbridge area.  Black and Paper asked her a few questions about her collection. When you design a collection, what do you think about? The brand Vassilisa has an overall unique brand DNA / Concept. Besides […]

  • London Fashion Week

      Models, models, and more models from behind the scenes at the Pringle of Scotland fashion show.  Black and Paper was allowed access to the fashion brands preparations for the London Fashion Week event. Stay tuned for more.