Bundle up in Lux

During London Fashion Week Men’s we met  Nadja Solovieva, the creative director of luxury scarf brand Vassilisa based in London’s Knightsbridge area.  Black and Paper asked her a few questions about her collection.

When you design a collection, what do you think about?

The brand Vassilisa has an overall unique brand DNA / Concept. Besides each collection has a number of themes of inspiration, which are developed and interlinked, and relate to the main brand concept. It is a typical St Martins method or working by sketch book, these creative processes are not always straight forward to explain to public.

Now you are designing menswear looks, why did you branch out?

We started noticing men increasingly buying our scarves, it has been an organic process of observing the demand.

Your scarves are strong, can you explain these looks?

These scarves are a design-led product, each collection has a story.

What materials do you use in the scarf collection?

We manufacture with the finest mills in Italy, materials are silk, cashmere and modal, this is an amazing yarn, highly ecological, made from beech tree cellulose, which has amazing thermogenic qualities in cold and also most perfect for hot weather.  We work with finest materials and craftsmen.

For more information go to: Vassilisa.com