L’Homme Couture 2

Part 2 of the Black and Paper interview with photographer Brice Hardelin on his exhibition L’Homme Couture: A Photographic Odyssey. 

Brice and I had a good time talking about his work over a glass of white wine. His career is going forward in many directions. He had just completed a well received  male firemen calendar. He gave me a tour of his collection displayed on the wall of the hotel before continuing our interview.

How did the W Hotel in Paris become involved in this project?

My agent called to ask if I wanted to be a part of Paris Artist. It is an association of 150 artists in the city.   The Paris Artist asked if I wanted to exhibit at the hotel.  I organized a meeting. I liked the style of the W.  It is young, dynamic.  When the association asked the hotel who they wanted, the team chose me.  I know my pictures are provocative but the W Hotel was supportive of my work. There was no censorship.

What do you think of the artistic state of the world?

There are lots of things.  It is too Politically Correct.   It is more and more commercial and boring.  .  If you look at the big fashion magazines there are only places for big names and ads.  There is no space for new people. And for the big brands would stay away from images like these on the wall in front of you.  For them it is going too far. For me it is not far enough.

Is there a lack of freedom?

No! None! There is no freedom at all because they want the same pictures for their clients.  I have nothing against it because they have beautiful products but when you are a person with a different vision who likes to mix things like an African Mask with a Cartier Necklace no magazine  would publish it.

What do you think Instagram Photographers who are no considered professionals? 

I understand the platform but I have a problem with the business they are doing because they are making people think they are famous.   For me they are holiday, vacation pictures.  It is nothing! (Laughing)  It is reality television. On Instagram everyone wants to know what you are doing for lunch but no one really cares.  A person sitting on the toilet then the viewer goes to another image of another person sitting on the toilet! MEANINGLESS!   What is the purpose of having 50.000 followers and none of them can buy the product!   I use it of course like everyone else.

I am an old fashion photographer. I like prints Internet in a way is the death of photography.  I  No one wants real pictures.  They want one picture after another, quantity over quality.

What is your next project?

The exhibition runs until January. I have an exhibition in Belgium, then, I am looking for an editor for a book of my work.  I have editorials but I am thinking about a shoot in Africa.

L’Homme Couture is on display at the W Hotel  Paris until January 3rd 2018.