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  • From Paris Fashion Week Men. Four

  • A New Look From a 20th Century Form

    A New Look From a 20th Century Form

    A Black and Paper exclusive interview with Korean Fashion Designer Avizmo Jo, creative head of De_caffeine homme. What attracted me to his brand were his outerwear pieces. I wanted to ask what inspires his designs and collections. The looks for the Fall Outerwear, three buttons and lapel, where did you develop this idea? Planning and […]

  • Never Enough!

    A person can never have too many shoes in the closet.  At Pitti Uomo, these are a few I would like to see on my rack. 

  • Pitti Uomo

    Subdued I enjoy going to Pitti Uomo in Florence in January. It’s working blended in with pleasure. The historical city is romantic, charming, and pleasing to the eye. The best characteristic about Pitti Uomo is the atmosphere. Mens outfits of the day take center stage. Dandy’s dressed up showing off their best looks, always up […]

  • Pitti Uomo Part 1

    Pitti Uomo Part 1

    Stay Tuned for more coverage.  I am a bit late but Easy Jet gave me a choice.  Either underwear or PC.  I had to leave the PC causing delays of  my reports.

  • Pitti Uomo Dandy Report

    It is always fun to attend Pitti Uomo.  The Dandys or Peacocks walking around showing off their looks are impressive but at times some looks felt overdone.  We think what makes a great look is if the looks seem effortless not like a math equation. Stylist Gianni and I share share our views from Florence. […]

  • The Last  Days of August

    The Last Days of August

    The last days of August and summer.  It’s  never too late to get the right bathing suit for a last minute trip to the beach.  Maybe in September there will be good weather.  If not, there is always a pool. We cannot guarantee they are as soothing as the ones at the Aqualux Hotel.    […]

  • Late August Look Now!

    Late August Look Now!

    At the Aqualux Hotel during the “What to Wear In August” shoot there was a moment of inspiration. We decided to act. The hotel has an outdoor barbecue night with live entertainment. Guitar player Simone Clementi performed some sets with his singing partner in front of dinner guests.  1.Borsalino Hat & Robinson Les Bains Swimwear […]

  • LV Collection

    Not Sure But,,,,  As Paris Fashion Week Men continues, labels have been affected by the Let’s See What Works” era. Many are going in new directions. What to make of Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton? My first impression was the Three Stooges short “Slippery Silks” from 1936. Moe, Larry, and Curly inherit a dress shop. […]

  • Milan Fashion Week Men Part 1

    Milan Fashion Week Men Part 1

    Black and Paper coverage from the Italian Fashion Capital.   Images by CanonSX740 Sponsored by #Canondeu Stay Tuned for more