Late August Look Now!

At the Aqualux Hotel during the “What to Wear In August” shoot there was a moment of inspiration. We decided to act. The hotel has an outdoor barbecue night with live entertainment. Guitar player Simone Clementi performed some sets with his singing partner in front of dinner guests. 

1.Borsalino Hat & Robinson Les Bains Swimwear

2. Spring Jackets by Doppiaa, Bag by The Brigde, Jacket by RRD, Shoes by Swims 

Musicians tend to have a natural sex appeal about them. Creative energy adds points. Simone kindly agreed to our offer.  

Robinson Les Bains Swimwear, Shirt by Massimo Alba, Sandals from Ellesse

For the second day of production we decided to use him. Besides having a slightly edgy look matched with his approachabilty.  The guitarist maintains a lean figure working out everyday while watching his diet.  He said he has been happy with the results.  

As a music maker Simone tours with the group Logic With Terror.  Check his Facebook page for news and dates.

1.Sweater by Massimo Alba, Farah Shorts, Ron Dorf Swimsuit, Shoes by Swims

2.RRD Swimwear and Shirt

3.RRD Swimwear 

Photographer-Ivan Siggillino, Assistant-Simone Toson, Make-Up and Hair Style-Lorena Palmieri 

Shot the Aqualux Hotel,  Bordolino, on Lake Garda Italy.