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  • Fashion at 0331

    Fashion at 0331

    At Milan Fashion Week in the HUB, start-up label 0331 had a display in the new designers section. The Milan creative collectives started the brand with sustainable practices, up-cycling used denim to new forms.

  • Before Tacky on Cody & Co

    Before Tacky on Cody & Co

    Before Tacky podcast talks to Phil Cody about his shoe brand Cody & Co. Click below to watch.

  • Paris Fashion Week Men, AGAIN

    Paris Fashion Week Men ended today. Here is a list of looks in films.  Stay Tuned for reviews. 

  • Borsalino City

    Borsalino City

    Borsalino headwear and film history go hand in hand.  The 2015 documentary BORSALINO CITY is being released in an English version. Director Enrica Viola’s work weaves the story of  how 163 years ago Giuseppe Borsalino founded a hat atelier in Alessandria, Italy to becoming iconic parts of film history.  His style legacy has been worn […]

  • Pitti Uomo

    Subdued I enjoy going to Pitti Uomo in Florence in January. It’s working blended in with pleasure. The historical city is romantic, charming, and pleasing to the eye. The best characteristic about Pitti Uomo is the atmosphere. Mens outfits of the day take center stage. Dandy’s dressed up showing off their best looks, always up […]

  • Chat Cinema on Women in The Business

    We had spontaneous discussion on the lack of award nominations for women.  It turned into a podcast.  Sofia gives her opinions.  Why the exclusion? What has changed since #Metoo? The film business has long to way go.

  • Pitti Uomo Dandy Report

    It is always fun to attend Pitti Uomo.  The Dandys or Peacocks walking around showing off their looks are impressive but at times some looks felt overdone.  We think what makes a great look is if the looks seem effortless not like a math equation. Stylist Gianni and I share share our views from Florence. […]

  • Late August Look Now!

    Late August Look Now!

    At the Aqualux Hotel during the “What to Wear In August” shoot there was a moment of inspiration. We decided to act. The hotel has an outdoor barbecue night with live entertainment. Guitar player Simone Clementi performed some sets with his singing partner in front of dinner guests.  1.Borsalino Hat & Robinson Les Bains Swimwear […]

  • Moneta’s Interpretation

    A interpretation of a peacoat, Moneta adds vivid colours to classic outwear.   I grabbed him for a quick review at the presentation.  My verdict,  I liked it. But I may have been biased. 

  • Rock Star at Milan

    Rock Star at Milan

    Portuguese designer Miguel Vieira interprets masculine looks melted with the Rock & Roll, not veered on the safe side staying on the edge of classical looks. Stage superstar looks made of jacquards and faux fur were central themes of the collection. The press released read, “a celebration adventure” I would agree, but make the adventure […]