Instathirst NO!

Goodbye Instagram!   It was nice while it lasted but for some reason it never felt like a relationship beyond a necessary inconvenience. Black and Paper has decided December 31st will be the last day we post on the social media platform.  The thirst is real on Instagram and we are not thirsty. In an Age of Unrepentant Self-promotion mixed with suspect followers and likes, this is not the place for us.   It is better focus on our growing web site instead of getting lost in the mix of endless selfies.  Black and Paper is about informing along with inspiring; promoting creative people and looking for wonderful things to share with our readers.  We try to be genuine.  If the product does not fit, we do not recommend like many influencers for hire.  For these reasons we decided Instagram or “Instathirst” as we call it did not fit with our philosophy.  A Big “THANK YOU” to our followers!  We will post more pictures and commentary here on