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  • Intagram’s Fast Fashion Affect

    An excerpt from Before Tacky Podcast the team spoke about Instagram’s affect on fast fashion. Trying to live the large life while caring about sustainable fashion is a contradiction for the social media set.

  • Action + Words=3

    I have written about this subject in the past.  It is easy to protest, be a part of a movement that does not involve negative consequences. Climate change activism continues to stay on the front page.  Greta made the cover of Time magazine as Person of the Year.  However, does Generation Z really feel about […]


    WHY?  There is no fun in posting the pictures. What was once sharing experiences has turned into narcissism and greed. A digital feel good pill for those desiring “Z Level” fame. Perhaps it is because I had a life and travelled before the platform existed. Showing  “I am living a great fake life” borders on […]

  • Our Anniversary

    Life is Good It has been over one year. We quit Instagram to the chagrin of many. Why? Insanity? Lack of followers? How would we survive in an age when so many believe in oversharing? Many thought this action was insane. Amazing how fast time flies. We are still here and doing ok, Instagram Free.  […]

  • A Quick Interview in Milan

    During Milan Fashion Week it was refreshing to meet a person who appreicuates and supports fashion designer . A “fashion influencer” is a person who goes to shows and posts endless selfies with freebies from brands.  How many “Influencers” really support designers or brands? Meeting Briana Linea of  Instagram  account “Fashion_Fridays”, 330.000 followers, was refreshing. […]

  • Why We Don’t Do It!

    Inspired By!

  • Is the Party Over!

    Is the Party Over!

    Very recently there has been an upheaval in the media and social media world. Has the time of accountability in influencer marketing arrived? Global consumer company advertiser Unilever made a shot across the bow announcing there needs to be more transparency, less bots and false likes. At Cannes Lions, marketing head Keith Weed insisted on […]

  • Not Thirsty!

    Not Thirsty!

    There are some social media platforms that we like. There are some social media platforms we question. As a site for all things creative, inspiring, and wonderful being in a place of thirsty, desperate wannabes employing questionable means is not for us. Taking all of this into consideration, Black and Paper has decided to quit […]

  • Instathirst NO!

    Instathirst NO!

    Goodbye Instagram!   It was nice while it lasted but for some reason it never felt like a relationship beyond a necessary inconvenience. Black and Paper has decided December 31st will be the last day we post on the social media platform.  The thirst is real on Instagram and we are not thirsty. In an […]