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  • Look to Pompeii

    Look to Pompeii

    Modern civilisation should always look to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii for a lesson on humility and destruction.

  • You Never Know

    You Never Know

    I have a saying “You Never Know Where People Will Be In The Future. I meet all kinds all the time. Some are starting their career. A few months or years later they are on the upswing. I met Patrick at a presentation in Milan. I grabbed a pic for my Hot Face Collection.

  • Headlines 11-1-2021

    A quick take on Headlines from around the world. Tech Banning Donald Trump got banned from the big tech platforms. Facebook and Twitter shut down the accounts of the soon to be ex President over the storming of the Capital last Week. It sets a dangerous precedent. Who’s next? Why? I am not a fan […]

  • Happy December 1 2020

    This year has been tuff. We made it December 1st. This is a time about celebration. Thinking about what we enjoy. The inspiration for this tree came from Star Wars.

  • Queens Speech

    We wonder what is the purpose of the British Monarch? A gilded bubble, of an elite class. A relic from the Imperial Age of a fallen Empire. Queen Elizabeth’s speech last night put that to rest. When an American wants to hug a Union Jack, the emotional level was high. Inspiring. From Windsor Castle, the […]

  • #Milano Never Stops

    Italy is reeling from the Coronavirus outbreak. As fate would have it, I was in the country at the time. The Lombardy capital, Milan, went under lockdown. Suddenly a feeling of panic overcame Fashion Week. A deep sense of unease rippled through out the metropolis. All went silent. Milanese stayed indoors. The bustle stopped.   […]

  • An August & September Read

    An August & September Read

    Exhibitionism-50 Years of the Museum at FIT Clearly, at 96 pages this book is not a long read. Even so, size did not curb my enthusiasm. On Page 10 seeing the costumes of MGM costume designer Gilbert Adrian in color for the first time. I became hooked. I had a bit of a swoon seeing the red […]

  • Enjoy the Simple

    I love simple walks on the beach.  The picturesque resort town of Usedom is a treasure for holiday goers.  I go every year to unwind to detox.   High season can be busy but during March, April, May front row hotels are available at good prices. 

  • Where to Go?

    Thinking about your next holiday, check out the ITB coverage.  Add a destination to a bucket list. 

  • Montmartre Stroll

    Montmartre Stroll

    Just walk, enjoy. Montmartre is the romantic Parisian neighborhood on the hill with many local establishments, but what I like are the food stores. The display of goodies of all kinds are heavenly! For me, a casual stroll turns into a wonderland of food spotting, “gastronomic inspiration” through a window S’il vous plait? What is […]