Queens Speech

We wonder what is the purpose of the British Monarch? A gilded bubble, of an elite class. A relic from the Imperial Age of a fallen Empire. Queen Elizabeth’s speech last night put that to rest. When an American wants to hug a Union Jack, the emotional level was high. Inspiring. From Windsor Castle, the Royal head gave a speech drawn off her personal  experience from the Blitz. Taking the phrase by Vera Lynn “We will overcome this” showed her mettle. A type of maternal assurance one gets the night before a test.

During her 5thnational address her majesty praised front line NHS workers battling Coronavirus. “Selfless” individuals appreciated and needed by the country. With 48.000 infected cases, 4.935 dead, the UK continues to reel from the pandemic. There will be hard times ahead. Daily life upended. Disruptions as the UK faces it biggest challenge since World War 2. Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted to the hospital with complications to Covid-19. But seeing the head of state in her 67thyear on the throne giving a composed address will be material for for leadership classes. Perhaps a certain US President should enroll now. 

None are alone in this fight.   A phrase from the address; “better days will return”.   Indeed they will.