Headlines 11-1-2021

A quick take on Headlines from around the world.

Tech Banning

Donald Trump got banned from the big tech platforms. Facebook and Twitter shut down the accounts of the soon to be ex President over the storming of the Capital last Week. It sets a dangerous precedent. Who’s next? Why? I am not a fan of the 45th American leader but a full shut down goes too far. Tech companies have a lot of enemies. Now, they have more even more.


What is a day without Covid News. Europe struggles to get a grip on the virus. As it rages across the continent governments are caught between a rock and hard place. As more restrictions are placed on an already burdened population this winter looking for a way out, fatigue is setting in. Vaccines roll outs have been less than competent. Skepticism is high, pressure is building.

Trump Impeachment

Once Again the current Commander and Chief is facing yet another impeachment from House Democrats 9 days before he leaves office. This performative exercise stands no chance of getting past the GOP Senate. In a country wrecked by political division, Pelosi decides to add fuel to a flame. The House Speaker known as a Washington insider with unmatched Beltway skills looks over the top.

Sex and City Redux

The iconic show to fabulous materialism is making a comeback on HBO Max. I have mixed feelings. The centre of the old show was fawning over a pair Manolo’s. In the 2021 Depression this looks out of place. Secondly, Kim Cattrall is absent. Let’s face it. Without Samantha’s sexual man-eating quips it won’t be the same. Some ideas are better left in a discussion room.

Fashion Weeks

Tis the season of the fashion week calendar. Mensweek kicks off with some very muted events. With a population holed up inside and home offices the norm. The demand for suits look dim.

Stay Safe. If you going through a bad time. Keep Going until until you hit a Sale at Ferragamo. Then Treat Yourself!