IFA Day 3

IFA Day 3

Is Blackberry making a comeback?  The sleek and sexy smartphone brand was looking good in the form of the KEYone.

Livall has a smart tech helmet for cyclists with many features including hands free phone use, smart lighting, and speakers.  The BH51 style comes in many colors.

Urban ears mixed Scandinavian minimalism with the latest technology.  The Baggen connected speakers work on many style levels whether you want the fashionable black color or the eco-green, the sound delivery is sharp.

The Amazon AI system “Alexa” is making inroads and showing this year.  Amazon has start-up funding for voice interaction technology initiatives.

Advance active wear ear buds from Jabra.  Not only do the ear pieces record the sports users activity but the hi-tech devices act as a digital motivated.

Chic Fashion Tech from Batband, a bone conduction system band that rests on the head.  Features are controlled by touch control.

Stay tuned for more from IFA 2017 in Berlin.