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  • Walking After 7 Tastings

    Walking After 7 Tastings

    Over a few October days I wondered the Wine Country Franconia during some wine tasting while also enjoying the views.  I must admit, after tasting severals different wines, walking is the vineyards is not as easy as it looks.

  • Before TACKY!

    Introducing our new web show on conversations with fashion creatives from around the world. We will get down to business with anyone who wants to talk. Stay Tuned.

  • Men Reloaded Podcast Delivery Package

    You never know what the delivery guy is delivery!  In the Lockdown we are ordering online.  What happens if the deliverer is more interesting than what was ordered? This can happen.  What to do? Hello, Customer Service, make sure I get this on a day with a high temperature.   Stay Tuned.

  • Men Reloaded

    Episode 1 of the new podcast series Men Reloaded. Man Spreading is wrong,, but,.. 


    Many terms have lost their meanings. Once these words evoked heated conversations. Debates on solving the worlds problems. Raising issues ignored by the population as it goes about its daily life.  Today, when the words ACTIVIST, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSIVITY are used, I shrug. For me, they get lost in the modern translation. Diluted!  The have been hijacked.  […]

  • Items from Press Days 2019

    Items from Press Days 2019

    Press Days is an event when media, agents, and designers come together to discuss the latest looks and trends in fashion and lifestyle.  Sustainability and colourful branding are coming to retailers soon.    What stood out from the crowd? Gitti nail polish, the new eco-friendly beauty brand looks to break out.  Stay tuned for the […]

  • Episode 1 How Much?

    Imagine the shock when a man tells you he has to invest in a date with the opposite sex.  I had to assume their was a high return on investment.  No  wonder heterosexual men wear cheap shoes!   Sponsored by Beyerdynamic

  • S Connection

    Just some of our thoughts on life and how to get through it.  S Connection cast gives views as well as  sharing experiences on how to make it.  Sponsored by #Beyerdynamic 

  • Check Me,,, Please!

    Check Me,,, Please!

    Under certain circumstances,,,,, I could go,,, KABOOM!  The Paris today is not the Paris I remember the first time I visited the city. My then boyfriend was studying at the Sorbonne. How exciting! I arrived, threw the bags on the bed that took up 75% of the 22 sqm apartment then ran out to absorb […]

  • IFA 2018 NEWS from Twitter

    IFA 2018 NEWS from Twitter

    IFA 2018 coverage sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung