CES Highlights

The biggest technology fair is underway in Las Vegas, Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Themes this year are the connected house, drones, and of course wearables.

Looking over all the devices ( check back for more recommendations) I made a list of what I liked or found intriguing.

Letv smart bike is equipped with heart monitoring device and finger print id technology for security.
HTC Vive has newer light weight VR system with hardware, controllers, and a room scanning camera. We did not have a chance to check it out at IFA but the people who tried it raved about it.
Kodak Super 8 Camera. A revival for those of us who remember and appreciate the film medium.
Griffin breaksafe magnetic USB-C cable with quick release magnets and prongs. The cable has a lifetime warranty. USB-C is the new universal device connection/port because of its smaller size, speed, and power.


Capture Lenovo
Lenovo ThinkCenter X1 This is a major step up for the brand as far as design to appeal to artists. It looks cool! It is razor thin with a 24 inch screen.
LG Rollable 18 inch OLED – A portable display/TV capable of being rolled up like a poster or paper.
I Nail Intelligent Printer-It prints directly on to your finger nails or tips in 8 seconds. Choose a design and the machine does the rest. No more appointments at the salon.
Somabar Robotic Bartender for the perfect cocktail. You can share and create drinks with everyone. CHEERS!
ODG R-7 Smart Glasses get an Honorable Mention. Wearable Tech Glasses that look good.