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  • More on the LG Stylish

    More on the LG Stylish

    What I liked about the LG Connected Home display at IFA. It presented style along with a distinctive comfort. Many tech brands show being connected as cold and sterile lacking warmth. LG decided on a more human feel. Designer Moooi gave the pieces splashes of prints and colors combined with statement elements. Does this mean […]



    The LG Hall at IFA 2022 was a stylish surprise. Designer MOOOI showcased a home living connected design. Stay tuned for all the devices from LG and other tech brands showing at IFA until 6th.

  • Football in Your FACE!

    Football in Your FACE!

    This is a Reposting of a past article! World Cup 2018 is upon us. The biggest sporting event in the world has started in Russia. Teams from all over the globe compete to see who is the best national soccer club. Just in time for the festivities LG recently introduced its latest bean projector, the […]

  • CES Highlights

    The biggest technology fair is underway in Las Vegas, Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Themes this year are the connected house, drones, and of course wearables. Looking over all the devices ( check back for more recommendations) I made a list of what I liked or found intriguing.