Football in Your FACE!

This is a Reposting of a past article!

World Cup 2018 is upon us. The biggest sporting event in the world has started in Russia. Teams from all over the globe compete to see who is the best national soccer club. Just in time for the festivities LG recently introduced its latest bean projector, the LG Cine Beam Laser 4K. My first impression, small, sleek, and room friendly. It does not overwhelm a space. The design aesthetic is modern, like an elongated droid. There are two color options: black or white.

A key selling point is the portability. Simply pick it up by the handle grip to move it from one place to another or room to room. It weighs about 15 lbs,  stands at 6.5” x 18. 5”.

The picture quality is what you would expect from a high end projector;4K Ultra High Definition with 8.3 million pixels able to project a clear image on a wall, ceiling, or side of a building. Aspect ratio is 16:9 to a maximum screen size of 150”. During the press demo I was impressed with the picture quality. The images were sharp and focus. I could only imagine watching “The Empire Strikes Back” on a large wall, immersed in the Battle of Hoth, that would be an experience.

The LG Smart TV operating is included along with remote control. I found the system interaction a bit awkward at first, it took some time to get use to the movement.

The laser lamp has a life span of up to 20.000 hours. The system contains all the extra one would expect from a device, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. I cannot give a review of the built in speakers because we were talking amongst ourselves while viewing the presentation.

Thew big downside: This is an expensive device. There are cheaper projector brands. The $3000 price tag makes this a luxury piece of technology, an investment. If you are a tech and tv enthusiast with money to burn, yes!

Commenting at IFA 17, I said LG had been making strides to step out of the shadow of its bigger Korean rival Samsung by introducing compelling products with stronger design signatures matched with higher quality.

The LG Cine Beam Laser 4K is available in stores.

Incase you have not heard, France over Croatia in the final.  However,,, the Croatian Players got our vote for SEX APPEAL!