Black and Paper Christmas List 2016 Travel

It was not easy choosing a destination this Christmas Season.  There were so many factors regarding the decision, ranging from safety to geopolitics to experiencing the new and undiscovered or the adventure.

Tel Aviv, Israel and Colombia stood out because each one possesses so many unique qualities that reward a traveler.  I know, one is a city in the Middle and the other is a country in South America.   What they had in common is: Expectation.   What would a traveler find in these locations?  As a seasoned traveler when I think of these places I am not sure what to expect: A liberal oasis in the Middle East, the other a vast country  in the process of healing after years of multiple destructive conflicts.

A metropolis that offers so much, Tel Aviv seems to go by the beat of its own music.   Regardless of what happens around it, this is a city with vitality for life, I would describe it as vivacious.  Beach life, cultural, LBGT, and music festivals are only some of myriad of options.  An “enjoy today” confidence and attitude that radiates in all directions.

An exotic destination ready for those willing to be rewarded with an adventure of a lifetime, Colombia, after decades of civil war and the War on Drugs one would think this country is not ready to be explored; I think it is the opposite.  With peace at hand, this South American country has a lot offer: cultural diversity, miles and miles of tranquil coastal beaches, islands, and mountain and jungle terrains all authentic not spoiled by mass tourism.

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