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  • Travel 2019 Trends

    Travel 2019 Trends

    Overtourism  After attending the ITB Travel Fair 2019, I learned the travel field continues to grow.  More want to get away, however,  questions are being asked of the effects.  “Overtourism” is becoming common. As a result, Many cities have become overwhelmed by holiday makers. Town centers have been abandoned for tourist.  Barcelona, Venice, and Prague […]

  • Clipper Inspired from Marrakesh

    Clipper Inspired from Marrakesh

    Marrakesh. One of those places that excites the imagination of any traveller.      My travel to the city turned into a delightful adventure of walks in the medina absorbing the sights, smells, and sounds. Getting lost was part of the fun.    Listen to the podcast sponsored by Beyerdynamic.  Clipper Inspired recommends: Bahai Palace, Bab […]

  • Inspired Travel

    Clipper Inspired is a media project covering travel. I was inspired by two things: vintage travel posters to locations such as: Rio, Hong Kong, and Paris. Clippers were Pan Am flights to different destinations around the world, a feeling of adventure combined with the experience of getting there. The second inspiration came in the form an […]

  • Can This Bag Survive?

    I travel a lot. Sadly, most of my luggage does not make it. I was fond of a stylish brand, but after several broken zippers, including a trolley bag breaking at the Milan Airport. Done! Rearranging clothing in an airport is not a glamorous look! At that moment, I decided to look for a new […]

  • Madeira Chase

    On a sport holiday in Madeira, our scuba diving professional and creative colleague gave us an inspiring underwater video of living sea creatures.  Video by creative contributor Juergen Mundl.

  • Inspiring Marrakesh

    Inspiring Marrakesh

    Black and Paper is in Marrakesh, Morocco  for the holiday season.  This exotic city in the Sahara is a wealth of sights, smells, and sounds. I am preparing the features, stay tuned.

  • Black and Paper Christmas List 2016 Travel

    Black and Paper Christmas List 2016 Travel

    It was not easy choosing a destination this Christmas Season.  There were so many factors regarding the decision, ranging from safety to geopolitics to experiencing the new and undiscovered or the adventure. Tel Aviv, Israel and Colombia stood out because each one possesses so many unique qualities that reward a traveler.  I know, one is […]