Apple TV+

Apple has entered the content business in the form of a new streaming service. Apple’s TV+ is the […]

Small but GREAT

A Good Camera  As a person who is not a photographer but I take pictures at many events […]

Apple Lost its Groove

A Cult  Steven Jobs became a religious like figure in the world of tech. Credited with changing the […]

APPLE 2018

It is the middle of September, the annual roll out of Apple’s new devices is upon us. All […]

IFA 2018 for the HOME

IFA 2018 coverage sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung  No More Burned Meals 1 Billion Sold  Chic + Washing 

IFA 2018 NEWS from Twitter

IFA 2018 coverage sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung #IFA news, #Travelling with #R2D2. #Luggage that goes where you go. […]