Nokia goes Affordable

Nokia was once the undisputed king of the mobile phone market, with a market share of over 50% in 2008. However, the company was slow to adapt to the rise of smartphones, and by 2013, its market share had fallen to just 3%.

In 2014, Nokia sold its handset business to Microsoft. HMD Global, a Finnish company, then acquired the rights to use the Nokia brand on smartphones. HMD has since released a number of Nokia-branded smartphones, but they have yet to make a significant impact on buyers.


The Specs and Why

The G60 5G is Nokia’s mid price smartphone packed with premium qualities.

The specs are:

6.58 inch display

128 GB internal storage

Android Operating System

Front and rear cameras


  • Good user experience
  • Long battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Sustainable design


  • Camera can be slow to focus in low light
  • Pro mode can be slow to configure
  • Design is not as distinctive as some older Nokia phones

As far as the user experience, fine, reactive and smooth. Downloading and using apps was instant without complications. Battery life is good. I was able to recharge quickly.

Camera quality is good not great in the auto mode, it took a few times to get the proper focus. In challenging light situations I needed patients. There is a pro-mode gives the user more control but takes too much time to configure for a fast shot. Portrait mode, take it on leave it.

Being a Nordic company, Nokia designed and produced the device with strong sustainability credentials. Many parts of the G60 are made from recycled parts. The packaging is all from recycled materials.

Sustainable Packaging

On the “cool factor” not so much of a reaction from friends and family. The ubiquitous rectangular candy bar shaped smartphone is a far cry from the Nokia’s glorious past design philosophy when models had strong character. Today the company is about functionality and sturdy devices over distinctive looks.

Overall, I think the Nokia G60 5G is a good phone for the price. It has a few drawbacks, but it also has a lot on the table. If you are looking for an affordable 5G phone with good sustainability credentials, then I would recommend considering this one.

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