Pandabuy’s Open Secret

The Fake It Till You Make You culture took a hit on Wednesday.  The Chinese fashion platform Pandabuy got raided by police.  The popular app is known for selling clothing at low prices. The open secret, many fake luxury goods purchased find their way to global influencers.  TikTok accounts littered with newly purchased designer labels displayed with so much glee, even Ryan Gosling would need sunglasses.  Never mind the source of the clothing.  That questionable Dior bag sales for $176 dollars.  Why pay 1500 dollars for the real thing?  Sixty dollars for a pair of Valentino Sneakers is a steal, no questions asked.

Talking to a professional colleague about the Pandabuy story, this reflects the modern zeitgeist.   External validation not with a brand, but with an imitation. Striving for likes and clicks, openly flaunting faketry has no shame.

Recently, while attending some fashion press events, I noticed many Gen Z and Millennials attendees with emblazoned monograms on jackets, shirts and bags. Wondering how so many could afford wearing thousands of dollars on their back, questions answered. The e-commerce site understands its customers.  Pandabuy targets young digital content creators who pitch what to buy.

Shutting down one fake site, “with demand comes sellers.”