Many terms have lost their meanings. Once these words evoked heated conversations. Debates on solving the worlds problems. Raising issues ignored by the population as it goes about its daily life. 

Today, when the words ACTIVIST, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSIVITY are used, I shrug. For me, they get lost in the modern translation. Diluted!  The have been hijacked. 

Let me start by saying, Mandela, Walesa, and Parks were activists. They risked their lives standing up to hostile social systems built on human repression.

A 2019 Self Anointed Activists smugly sits on stage to tell everyone who will listen, “I am an Activist”. There is zero risk.  If Instagram and Twitter followers give a person the title “Activists”. That means this person is an Activists. Whatever the cause, pick one out of a bag. InstaMarytr! 

We are all “Activists”

When a model or actor uses the “A Word” I chuckle. Madonna is a true Performer. Her impact on the presentation of music can never be denied. But at her last tour, a friend said, “I did not pay $299 to hear her preach self important political gibberish.”

“If a frog had wings it would not hope on its butt.” Those are words from my Grandparent when I complained the world was not a fair place. I believe in Diversity and Inclusiveness. But what does it mean? Life should be fair. Whine and complain on social media. Have these words become more about a sense of entitlement?

Diveristy/Inclusivity or Free Ride 

When I read about Diveristy/Inclusive movements old fashion values such as working hard, paying your dues, or scarifice seem far way. Many industries have affintiy cultures. Exclusive, the same as genteel country clubs for a select few who can pass through the gate. Agreed, the cozy fraternity atomsphere needed shaking up. Diversity and Inclusivity should be about opportunity not a free ticket. The ladder to the top shouldn’t be replaced by a fast moving elevator with cushioned seats. Knowelegde, skill-sets, experience, and a thick skin are still valued for longterm success.  I write this as an African American who worked in fields not “Different Friendly!”