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  • The Tropes for, Success?

    The film American Fiction depicts a writer fed up with racial tropes. Frustrated novelist Monk writes a book with outlandish African American characters. Too his horror, the work is a bestseller. Why would I sympathise with Monk? Because I understand his bewilderment. Life is stranger than fiction. Being a person of color in any business […]

  • Same Story, Different Day

     Anna Wintour hit the headlines of the New York Times yet once again for the wrong reasons. The proclaimed most powerful woman in the fashion world has been under heavy criticism for Vogue’s lack of diversity.  Black voices sidelined at the publication were the norm.  Fashion magazines were or less country clubs for the elite. […]

  • Yes, It’s Real

    The diversity question is first and forefront in the fashion business. Triggered by global protests, a reckoning is taking place.  Are fashion environments racists?  An industry in need of different voices, falling short when it comes to inclusion, fashion is an elitist field until recently only for the few living on 5th avenue in New […]

  • WOAH!

    I’ll give my opinion on fashion using this crisis to boast its “diversity” credentials. Not happening here! Let’s me keep it 100!   Stay Tuned for my views.


    Many terms have lost their meanings. Once these words evoked heated conversations. Debates on solving the worlds problems. Raising issues ignored by the population as it goes about its daily life.  Today, when the words ACTIVIST, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSIVITY are used, I shrug. For me, they get lost in the modern translation. Diluted!  The have been hijacked.  […]

  • Paris Fashion Week from France 24

  • Paris Fashion Week Diversity from France 24